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Cream Ale

5% ABV / 12.7 IBU’s

Light, crisp and indulgently refreshing, this classically styled Cream Ale is brewed very simply with Simpson’s Best Pale malt and flaked corn. Magnum and Savinjski Golding hops provide a clean and delicate hop finish to this delicious and quaffable ale.

IPA #3

7.5% ABV / 63 IBU’s

Bursting with tropical fruit and citrus flavors and aroma this IPA is a hophead’s dream. Brewed with Crisp Chevallier malt with Wheat and Biscuit malts and generously hopped with Jarrylo and Lemondrop hops, then finished off with a massive Citra dry hop addition.

California Common

6.6% ABV / 40.8 IBU’s

Sometimes referred to as “steam” beer, this warm fermented lager is anything but common. Pouring a light amber gold with a mild, malty caramel sweetness backed by a crisp and clean hop profile. Brewed with Weyermann Pilsen malt coupled with Munich, Crystal, Victory and Dextrin malts and hopped exclusively with Northern Brewer hops.

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