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Pale Ale #3

6% ABV / 50 IBU’s

Rowdy and generously hopped in the West Coast style, this newest Pale Ale in our ever evolving selection is brewed using Simpson’s Best Pale malt with light crystal and Vienna malts for a warming malt backdrop. Comet and Sultana hops take the front seat with wild American overtones of citrus, pine and resinous tropical notes.

Double IPA #2

8.3% ABV / 80.3 IBU’s

A fine balance of tropical hop aromas and fulfilling malt flavors are harmoniously showcased in this smooth sipping Double IPA. Brewed with Simpson’s and Crisp best ale malts with CaraMunich, Vienna and Victory malts for a rich depth of character. Generously hopped with Sultana and Lemondrop hops throughout for island fruit and citrus flavors and aroma, then dry hopped with Idaho Gem hops for a dank resinous finish.

German-style Maerzen

5.7% ABV / 20.1 IBU’s

Rich in malt decadence, this classic style of lager presents layers of toasted biscuits and fresh baked bread with a hint of drizzled honey. Subtle hop flavors and light bitterness lend a pleasant counterpart while letting the malt flavors truly shine. Brewed with Weyermann Pale malt, Biscuit, Victory and Pale Caramel malts, with Legacy, Mt. Hood and Tahoma hops for a delightful sipping experience.

Check out our new growler filler!

Four varieties of beer will be available.
It purges the growler of oxygen, pressurizes and fills for the perfect growler every time.
Head brewer Dylan Schatz demonstrates in this video.

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